Exciting day

It was a peaceful morning at the Shevet house, when I received a phone call from Asmeen’s mother crying for help. Coworker Bria ran over and found Asmeen laying on the couch, completely white and unresponsive. She called an ambulance and they brought Asmeen to the nearest hospital in Ashdod, called Assuta Hospital.

In the meantime, Asmeen came back to her normal self in the hospital where doctors suspect Asmeen probably had a seizure.

The doctor at Assuta gave us permission to drive Asmeen to Sheba Hospital, where the doctors know her.

At Sheba, the doctors chose to admit Asmeen in order to keep her under observation.¬†She will get a higher dose of the medication against seizures and the doctors want to find out if her heart causes problems for her brain activity. Maybe this hospitalization will help Asmeen’s process in Israel, to get the treatment she came for. Please pray for Asmeen.