Today, I accompanied Miran and his Mother to the Sheba Medical Center and walked with them through all the steps for the admission. First we checked in, Then Miran and I had some play time. We explored the waiting area on floor four. After a while, it was our turn to be seen.

His weight and oxygen levels were measured and an ECG was done. Then we made our way to the X-Ray station, which went quickly.

Afterwards, we went back to the waiting area on floor four. We had a play and food break. After a time of waiting, it was Miran’s turn for his Echo. The Echo was a big challenge for him. He was very insecure and scared, so he cried a lot. His mom and I tried to calm him down and distracted him with the phone.

Finally, I took Miran, very exhausted in his mother’s arms, to the ICU where he was admitted. Miran needed a a blood test which was very painful for him because it was very difficult for the doctor to find a vein. Also a corona test was made and an IV was placed.

After all these procedures, Miran fell very tired in his mother’s arms –  asleep. Please pray for Miran’s upcoming treatments. He has a Cath tomorrow. Please also pray for strength for his mother.