Exhausted after her echo

Our cute “Dalalusch” had to come back to Sheba hospital today for another echo during which she was not calm. Everytime she enters the echo examination rooms, she gets very upset.

However, the nurses were very friendly as each of us tried to distract little Dalal from her small procedure. In the end, the only thing that calmed her down was to be back in the loving, familiar arms of her mother. The echo took a while, but afterwards Dalal was returned to her mother’s arms, felt comfortable immediately, and stopped her crying.

The echo’s outcome is that it could be possible Dalal will need a cath in the near future.  The doctor said he wouldn’t feel comfortable discharging her home to Kurdistan because he doesn’t know what is going to happen there with her, nor how they will continue with her treatment. Even though Dalal’s mother wasn’t very happy to hear this news, as it means she has to wait longer, she was happy to know that the hospital is taking such good care of her beloved daughter. These doctors want to help Dalal as much as they can. They still have to discuss a plan of action for Dalal and to see if there aren’t any changes to be made in her medicine.

After much crying, our cute “Dalalusch” fell almost immediately asleep in her stroller. It must be quite exhausting to cry so much. Thank you for your prayers for this cute girl, and her mother who is always taking loving care of her.