Exploring the hospital

Yesterday, Shifaa and her mother arrived at Shevet, and today she had her first appointment at hospital.

When I walked into the Echo-Waiting area, I found Shifaa sitting in the train, smiling and playing on her own. It was so fun to watch how she babbled and then grinned at me. Together we were exploring the whole train and had a lot of fun. After this, the not so fun part came. Shifaa needed an echo and as the mother already told us before, she doesn’t like them at all.

I was outside waiting with another child, but I could hear her screaming the whole time.
Co-worker Julio was inside with them:

“It was very difficult to get the first echo assesssment for Shifaa. I think she is traumatized by previous echos in Kurdistan. I really tried my best to help with prayers, songs, videos, TV inside the echo room, but she kept crying. The head nurse in charge of the cardiology program also came and helped. The music therapist came with instruments and a bottle of bubbles. Shifaa’s mother did a great job teaching her with the bottle of echo-jelly. Then finally, another technician came and did the ECG test.”

I felt so sorry for Shifaa and also for her kind mom. They spent a long time in the Echo room, but afterwards Shifaa’s mood changed, seemingly within seconds. Her mom showed me some pictures and videos from home, and Shifaa helped explain things by screaming “daddy” whenever her father’s face was in one of the pictures. It was really nice to get to know them better.

The results came in. Because of all the crying, the Echo wasn’t so clear. Tomorrow they will need to do another one and will sedate Shifaa for it. Then she will be admitted to the hospital for a Catheterization. They are planning to do one Thursday.

As we waited to go home, both mother and daughter fell asleep which is very understandable. They arrived yesterday in the evening, and left the Shevet house at 7 am the next morning. These changes and meeting so many new people, must be very exhausting, and from tomorrow onward, more difficult situations may arise. Please pray with me for a good night’s rest for both of them so they will have new strength for tomorrow. Also pray for Shifaa’s Cath and for the doctors who are involved in her case. Praise be to God who brought her to Israel, He will keep her in his hand.