Expressive, communicative and Kurdish food only

Today Mohammed was moved from the Hadassah Hospital’s Pediatric ICU to the Pediatric Department at Hadassah Hospital.  So in the medical world, that’s a definite step in the right direction.

During this weekend, Mohammed was much more active. He seems to be recovering his strength and is experiencing less pain, What a great picture it was to see Mohammed stand up from his bed and walk around without help.

In addition to that, today was a new experience for me to see Mohammed so expressive and communicative.  He was smiling and also happy to see so many people from so many different countries and religions on the same floor of the hospital.

Mohammed is receiving respiratory therapy to help his lungs so please pray for the therapy to make a difference for him. Also, Mohammed has a strong preference for Kurdish food and isn’t really eating anything other than cookies and juice. Please also pray for this to change. He needs a good balanced diet to begin building his immunity back and to grow stronger. Please also pray for his continued stability.