Extensive dental work needed

Yano was having pain near one of her molar teeth. We were able to take her to the dentist today to get her checked out. They were unable to do x-rays on her teeth as she has a strong gag reflex.

They did the assessment on her mouth and decided she needed extensive work that would need to be done under general anesthesia. The general anesthesia waiting list is long, but it could be that Yano gets called earlier if some other patient cancels.

As a result she will need to fast after midnight from this Sunday-Wednesday from 12am-8am in hopes of being called in sooner. She is having pain at this tooth’s site in her mouth so please pray that she will be able to have this procedure soon.

Yano is such an amazing little girl. It’s been a joy to walk alongside her and her mom since they arrived here. She is such a calm patient and full of joy. We love her.

We still await her cardiac catheterization and subsequent surgery.