Extracorporeal Support

Abdusalam was diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries, which means that the major arteries of the heart are reversed. He had a surgery to switch the position of the arteries, but during the surgery there was a complication with the aortic valve. He lost a lot of blood and was placed on ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. This machine is taking the place of his heart and lungs to sustain his life. When I was observing Abdusalam on the ECMO machine, I was reminded of our human frailty and dependence on God. Spiritually, we are all on this ECMO machine. We are fully dependent on God, for he is the sustainer of life. He gifts us with every breath, and with every heart beat.

The doctors will monitor him on this machine for the next few days. Please pray for him and his grandmother, for peace and hope. It was heartwarming to see her smile during our time with her, despite the flurry of emotions she must be experiencing. She is so kind and brave.

We were unable to obtain a photo of Abdulsalam. Our heart was to be respectful of the medical staff caring for Abdulsalam.

Written by: Colin and Lisa