Yadgar’s mother beckoned with her hands for me to come and see him. When I was at the door of his hospital room she smiled and pointed to his mouth – there was no tube, he had been extubated today! Just one day after his very large surgery is wonderful.

While he and the other eight children were waiting for visas to come to Israel, I thought of how different their lives will be if they get here to have surgery. We only knew Yadgar from his passport photo then, but now we are thanking God for his extubation the day after surgery.

Literally everything has changed for him, and his mother is so, so happy with this news. When we were in the room together she said that all of the staff of the hospital were so good. This reminded me of the Kurdish expression of gratitude ‘dest xosh,’ it is used to mean thank you, but it translates into ‘beautiful hands.’ The hands of the doctors, surgeons, and nurses are beautiful as they use their hands to bring about life-saving change for the smallest of lives.

Praise God for them and for Yadgar’s life! Just yesterday it was possible he would have to be put on the ecmo and now he is extubated!