Little Rifan was peacefully sleeping today when I went into the Sheba Hospital Pediatric ICU. She is extubated now, which is really good and shows that she is improving.

During my visit, a nurse came into the room and told me that Rifan is doing really well overall and that her amount of medicine is getting decreased a bit. Praise the Lord. This is really good news. They also wanted to try to give her milk today via mouth rather than nasal tube, at least to begin this transition.

Rifan’s mother was smiling a lot today. It is always really interesting to see how much the happiness of the parent is dependent on the health circumstance of their child. For example, when I asked Rifan’s mother how she was doing, she said better because her beloved daughter Rifan is doing better, and that if Rifan is not doing well, then she, Rifan’s mother, is also not doing well.

Please pray for ongoing healing for baby Rifan and for peace for Rifan’s mother in every situation.