Extubated and doing well.

This past weekend, Sheba hospital decided to move the whole ICU and some of the other wards to an underground parking garage because of the given circumstances in Israel. One of the children that I visited today is the handsome Kenan.

After his surgery, he was intubated and it was quite difficult for his lovely young mother to see her cute son in this condition. Intubated and sleeping.

When I saw them today she was very happy because Kenan is already extubated and doing very well. He was crying a bit, but of course his lovely mother took loving care of him, holding him in her arms.

When I went to the underground ICU today, I didn’t expect it to be so nice. I am thankful to know that even if it’s not nice, the hospital has to be prepared for situations like this. You could definitely tell that they have been prepared for this, which is good. We have a few families from Gaza in the ICU at the moment, and all of them are happy to have each other and to spend time with each other because it makes their time in the hospital easier and also the whole situation.

When I asked Kenan’s mother how her husband is doing back in Gaza, she said he is ok. I’m glad to hear that, but he and all the people and families that we know back in Gaza need our prayers for this whole situation, as do the people of Israel. Please join me in prayer for both these things, and also for a continuing recovery for little Kenan.