Extubated and hungry and good

Mohammed was extubated at Hadassah Hospital today. The medical staff also stopped the meds used for his sedation. When I was present, the nurse was planning to start giving him some water so he can drink from a cup; and then one of the first things that Mohammed was asking was when can he have some food.

Mohammed started to drink some water and the nurse told us he could start to experience nausea because of the medication; after some time he received a different medication to stop the nausea.

Today was an unusual time to visit Mohammed. I was there late in the afternoon, but then I realized why God wanted it that way. It could have looked like a normal delay in the visits, but there was another reason. As I went to the hospital room at that hour, I was very involved in the process of helping Mohammed’s mom to move Mohammed constantly, helping with the nausea situation and even helping the lovely nurse who was assisting him, with the changing of some bandages.

Today I will ask you to pray for Mohammed and his mom as they are both very nervous when the sounds goes off on the machines around them – they think something could be wrong, even when they know he is stable and still weak, but good. I pray for that good to continue. God is in control and He is good and has a good purpose for this young man’s life. Amen.