Extubated and stable

When I traveled to Hadassah Hospital this afternoon and entered Majed’s Pediatric ICU room, I found him extubated and breathing on his own essentially. He was receiving a Nebulizer treatment briefly and was not a great fan of the process.

Majed’s grandmother continues to offer him some calming touches to his forehead and is remaining close by his side. She has a small convenience in that many of the medical staff speak some Arabic so she does not struggle with communication around her. Although all of her Ramadan holiday, completed within the next two days, has been spent in hospital, she is nevertheless thankful to be there for her grandson.

When they removed the Nebulizer, Majed was open-eyed and attempting to cry a bit but not much sound issued forth. He was able to look at me for a moment. He is still receiving some oxygen support and is also receiving a medication that keeps him calm, or not agitated. Agitation and upset create a drop in oxygen levels and the doctor said this isn’t good for him right now.

He has such tiny little feet and seems so perfectly made. They will continue to watch him and to keep him stable there in the ICU to the best of their ability. So thankful for the expertise and faithful concern of the staff at Hadassah Hospital. God continue to bless them in their work and to bless this little fellow and bring him to complete recovery.