Extubated and well

When coworker Bria and I heard today that Niyan was extubated we rushed to the ICU to see it ourselves. Her father was welcoming us with a huge smile and he didn’t look so happy in a while. I had tears in my eyes seeing our beautiful girl opening her eyes and interacting with us after all the complications she’s had over the last couple of days. She even talked a little bit to remind everyone in the room that I am quote “a little bit crazy“. We stood at her bedside for quite a while and it’s always so hard to say goodbye to the lovely girl. Her doctors told us that she is doing very good after the troubles with her lungs and although there’s still a tiny bit of fluid around her lung she is doing better and maybe the first chest tubes can already be removed tomorrow or during the weekend. Praise the Lord for our wonderfully made Niyan and that she is doing better now. Please be with us in prayer for her further recovery.