Eyes open, God is good

I visited our little Sulaiman and his lovely mother today at Sheba hospital. I was very happy with what I saw when I looked into their room.

Sulaiman’s mother stood on the side of his bed, looking at her beloved son, eyes shining with love, praying for her beloved son and he was looking at her, moving his head a bit. I was happy to see that the little man was awake today because they only yesterday closed his chest.

In the picture, you can’t really tell that he opened his eyes, but he did. It is a good sign. When his mother saw me, she came to me with a bright smile on her face, pointing at Suli and then up to God saying, “El Ei Karim.”

I agree with Suli’s mother, that we can rely on God no matter what is happening. God is good all the time, because he always knows what is best for us, and for our lovely children.

Doctors today said there is a possibility Sulaiman might be extubated tomorrow, or in the next days. But that is in God’s hands. Please continue to keep Sulaiman and his lovely mother in your prayers.