Eyes with intense focus

When I first laid my eyes on Mariam, her intensive, dark eyes captured mine, and she watched me with intense focus. I melted. It’s such a blessing to meet the children coming here, but not only them.

The family members also impact my life. Like Mariam’s mother. She is one of those that immediately found her place in my heart. When I heard that she lost a baby six years ago, I felt her grief. I suggested that we should pay a visit to her grave, and I made a promise that if needed, I would hold her. It was a very brave decision she made to go to the cemetery because it was painful, just as I expected. I held her as promised, and it felt like a huge burden was lifted. I’m so proud of her knowing as I do, that it demands a lot of courage to face your fears.

Mariam and mum returned to Gaza today. They are returning in about two weeks for a follow-up. Thank you for your prayer for her and her family, and please don’t forget to pray for all the marvelous hospital staff. They are doing a great job!