Family reunion

The day at the Wolfson Gaza clinic today felt less like a day at the hospital and more like a family reunion.

The clinic seemed to bring so many people together from so many different backgrounds. At the beginning of the day, two “clowns” came to visit, handing out toys and blowing bubbles everywhere. Then later, some young people from an Israeli organisation also joined us, handing out colouring pages and pens.

It really touched me to see all these different people coming together to show our Gaza families how much they are loved. This is really the heart of God at work, His hand underpinning everything.
There was an older, 15 year old boy with the group today. Like an older brother, he was taking care of the younger children, playing with them and looking after them.
Again, as we played, and waited, and talked, it felt almost like one big family.
I really think God’s presence was there. He is always in the business of bringing people together, creating community where there is isolation, peace where there is fear, joy where there is pain. I really appreciated being able to spend so much time talking to the mothers, and of course, taking pictures together. They were eager to see pictures of my family, and to talk about theirs. By the end of the day, there was a real sense of community in the small hospital waiting area. I heard chatting and laughter, and one mother even started handing out coke for us to drink.
As they were leaving for the taxi, it was obvious how much our love had meant to them. One of the mothers told me she hoped to see me again. I go to Wolfson, hoping to show God’s love and bless these families in some way. Yet, I leave feeling loved and blessed myself.
The bible verse that comes to mind again and again at Wolfson is one of the verses Shevet is built on.:
“Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.”