Last night we had our goodbye party for Sarjon. The mothers on base cooked a delicious dinner, and we shared gifts and watched a wonderful commemoration video, courtesy of brother Craig. The party went late into the night as we gathered around one another, celebrating and remembering and anticipating.

At two this afternoon, we got in the van and took off for the airport, Sarjon and his mother waving at our gathered community members, and they waving back. Both the drive and airport entrance were uneventful—after brief questioning, Ben Gurion security allowed our team through, and we took Sarjon and his mother to the airport security checkpoint.

We paused outside it for a while and shared a cup of coffee. Sarjon played with his current favorite toy, a small wind-up firetruck with flashing lights. He would squeal in delight whenever it ran toward him and then immediately hand it back to Luisa or I to wind-up again. He never tired in the repetition—proof of the life and joy within him.

His mother embraced and thanked us again and again at the end, telling us we must come to see them. Then she took Sarjon through the security checkpoint. We waited at the entrance as she and Sarjon passed through the scanners and waved when they looked at us. They waved back and smiled, turned, and walked to their gate.

We thank our heavenly Father for the time of love and communion we had with Sarjon and his mother; we thank Him for Sarjon’s healing; we thank Him for Sarjon’s restored future! We praise you Father, who gives so many good gifts! Send them safely home at last!