Today was the day we had to say goodbye to Miran and his mother. It was a goodbye with mixed feelings. His mother was so happy to go back to her family, but also sad because Miran is not going back in the condition she hoped for.

He still has severe pulmonary stenosis and this needs to go away through medications or maybe a catheterization or surgery in the future.¬†What the next steps are right now is not sure. Maybe he will come back to us in a few months, maybe in a few years, maybe not at all because it’s not necessary.
It was a hard decision to make for his mother.

We will miss Miran and his mother a lot. They have been with us for four months and his mother has only been kind and patient towards us, even when it was hard for her. And Miran liked to be with his mother, but sometimes we were able to play with him and cuddle him when he let us.

Please keep praying for Miran.