Farewell for now

The cardiologists and surgeons discussed Ahmed’s case this morning, and the surgeon requested that Ahmed return to Kurdistan for roughly six months prior to his next big operation. They would like Ahmed to grow more, and would like to reduce the risks of complications from a big surgery. Though there are always risks for major operations such as the one they are proposing for Ahmed, they want what is best for Ahmed and would prefer to wait until he grows a little more. The cardiologist was very pleased from his results from his catheterization in Israel, as they were able to dilate his stent and slightly improve his oxygenation. I know that God brought him to Israel for a reason, and it was important for him to have had this catheterization. I do not fully understand all the details regarding Ahmed, but I trust that God does.

We are saying farewell for now, but we pray that Ahmed will grow strong and well during this waiting period. We also look forward to his return soon. These are some lovely photos of Ahmed that our colleague Jana captured. We treasure his smile and how he finds joy in little moments, such as marveling at the sight of bubbles. We will dearly miss his smile and his sweet mother.