Farewell Maili

Today little Maili or “Abu Shwareb,” and her beautiful mother returned home to their family back in Kurdistan. They returned with Khanda, another Kurdish child who came together with her mother. In their time here the two moms have become like sisters because they have gone through all of this experience together. It is always beautiful to see how much the families love each other after just a short while of being together. I guess it is because they can relate to  each other’s feelings in the different yet similar situations they have had to go through in their time here.

The past weekend we had a nice farewell party for Maili. We gave her gifts, ate delicious food and watched her personalized video. We make a video for each of our departing kids. These videos show the beautiful healing story of each child and what God has done in their lives here at Shevet. Maili’s lovely mother was very happy about Maili’s video.  She shared how thankful she is for the hospital, for Shevet Achim and for God and for the people who couldn’t be here but helped to bring them here. It was a lovely evening.

The following day we went to the park together as it was their last day with us before they returned. We had a great time these past two weeks waiting for their departure day.

Maili and her mother have to come back in around two year’s time as Maili needs another catheterization and a surgery. So please pray for protection over this little girl and her mother as well and for a lovely time with their family now. We love them and we will always have a smile on our face when we think about them and the time we had with them.