Farewell Marya

It is always a special time gathering together to say goodbye to the children. We have all been each others’ family for the time we have been here, all strangers in the land. And certainly all the mothers feel strongly for Marya who has been here around 3 months with her father.

Marya and her dad arrived at the same time as Hani, and her dad. It has been emotional, as both of these girls arrived with the thought that potentially their heart conditions were inoperable. As it became quickly apparent that Hani could have a surgery, there was no clear answer for Marya. Her father waited  patiently, and it was a really joyful day for us all to share the exciting news that the doctor felt he would be able to operate.

Thank God that he has brought life to our little blue girl! Her body is doing so well, and we are able to send home a healthy and happy toddler, to her mum and her new baby sister.
Please continue to pray for Marya and her family; that they would come to know the exceedingly great riches of his grace in kindness towards them.