Farewell Meera

Since her final echo at the end of last week, Meera and her father prepared to say farewell to our other Kurdish families staying with us in our community home and in the hospital, and to return home to Kurdistan.

It has been a transforming, life-giving experience here for Meera. I remember one of the doctors commenting before her surgery, “I’ve never seen a child so cyanotic before who wasn’t intubated.” That doctor and all of us were moved to see the deep purple colouring of her fingers and toes.

We celebrated Meera’s farewell with a community-wide party. Meera is still on a zero-fat diet, and so instead of cake, she had some frozen 0% yoghurt and a heart-shaped apple to enter into the party spirit.

She and her father travelled back home to Kurdistan, where they will be reunited with Meera’s mother after these many months. We will all miss her. The staff at Sheba hospital will miss her. We at Shevet, as well as Meera’s own parents and family, are so thankful to God for the skilled doctors and nurses at Sheba, through whom Meera was carefully treated and gently placed at the threshold of a brighter future.