Farewell sweet boy

I have thoroughly enjoyed each time I have spent with Ibrahim and his mum. She is very elegant and kind, and her company is very pleasant.

She has explained that she has waited 10 years to get permission to come to Israel. Ibrahim had his ICD placed in Gaza, and also had surgery to give him a cochlear implant, or similar.
I showed him how to play domino’s today, but it was difficult without a good flat surface, so we agreed that he can play properly at home. Thank God that the time to go home was this afternoon, as his Halter monitor test showed that his ICD was working well! He was excited to be able to go home back to his family.

His beautiful mother had competently organised obtaining the discharge report, his medications and her many bags, and was promptly ready to travel back to Gaza.  Co-worker Joela drove us all down to the Erez border, and we all enjoyed chatting together. She asked what the name of our organisation means, and I explained to her that it’s talking about how beautiful it is for God when there is peace and love between people. She agreed and especially said how much she liked meeting people from Kurdistan for the first time within the context of Shevet Achim’s ministry. Please pray for her to come to know true love and peace which is found in Jesus