Today at Sheba Hospital, a new coworker (Doro’s mother) and I visited beautiful Balsam and her lovely mother.

The fluid in her chest is not going away, so the doctors are now trying something else. They stopped the oil she was receiving in her food, and she is fasting lipids now. They have the hope this will help to stop the fluid accumulation because in this fluid there are also lipids.

Each time we meet with Balsam and her mother, it is a happy meeting and Balsam’s mother is always so glad to see us. She loves to talk with us and there is no meeting with her without laughing. Balsam is very active and it’s cute to see how she is trying to “talk.”

Added to that, it is very interesting to see that Balsam really loves to receive the medicine. She wanted to have more of it and was happy when she received it. This is so different, because most of the children hate receiving the drugs.

So let’s pray for blessings over Balsam, that the fluid goes finally away.