Father knows best

Today the doctors had good news for our friend Khalid. He was ready for discharge! After the last few days we spent together in the hospital, this tough guy and his lovely dad grew dear to my heart, so it was a special joy for me to celebrate this news with them. But when I came into their room only the dad was happy.

Khalid asked, “Why did I have this surgery? Nothing is better now and I have so much pain.”

Well, I think he is crossing his deepest valley at the moment. He hasn’t slept the last several nights and has no appetite. But the amazing wise father knows it better and understands that there is a very promising future for his son. It reminds me of our heavenly father, who knows everything and who has all things in His hands. We can trust Him also in moments of pain and helplessness, just like Khalid trusts his dad.

We are happy we could bring them home to the Shevet house in Jaffa today. They are looking forward to the delicious food cooked by some of the Kurdish mothers staying there too.

Next Monday, Khalid will have his first follow-up echo. Let’s pray that he will get stronger and eat well as this appointment draws near.