Fathi is loved

Visitors are not allowed to enter into his room due to the risk of transmitting bacteria that could be very dangerous for him. A glass door separates us, and I often find myself looking afar at his little body and trying to learn more about him. I cannot softly sing him to sleep, cannot caress his beautiful face, or hold his little hand…but I can tell you that he is loved by God.

I was conversing with a mother earlier about the definition of happiness. Is it only subjective or is there an objective definition to happiness? I asked her what makes her happy, and she said that it makes her happy when she knows she is loved.

Earlier this morning, I read this adaption written by Dr. Andy Draycott, of lyrics from Ellie Holcomb and Rusty Varenkamp:

We are loved,
More than we know,
More than we could hope for,
After everything we’ve done.
As sure as the sun will rise,
And chase away the night,
Your mercy will not end.
Praise you, Heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus,
May your Spirit rekindle our feeling of your gift of love,

Fathi is hemo-dynamically stable with the various support he is receiving. There have not been many changes to his status, and there are no procedures planned for him. We are simply waiting and hoping for him to slowly recover.

Please pray for his lovely family, that they would feel so loved.