Fayez’ surgery day

Co-worker Sabrina and I arrived at Sheba Medical Center fairly early this morning with two other families from Gaza to be with Fayez’ mum for his surgery day. We saw Fayez’ mum coming out from the operating room.¬† She wanted to organise her bags as she was moving into the Intensive Care Unit¬† after Fayez’ surgery.

She joined us later, and we enjoyed each other’s company a lot. Fayez’ mum is a very kind and generous person, bringing snacks and drinks to share with us all. She is thoughtful about the other families and was also interested to know about the surgery of Alaa, who is another, older patient from Gaza who was having surgery at the same time as Fayez in the adult department.

Little Fayez was in surgery for many hours, but eventually he was safely brought out of the OR and transferred to the ICU. The surgery was long, and he did experience some bleeding. Mum has asked us to pray for his health and recovery.