Feeling better!

Lawi has been discharged from Sheba and is back with us at the Jaffa base! He and his father patiently waited after the news until the van arrived to transport us home; and we have arrived just at the beginning of the Shabbat holiday of the last day of Sukkot.
I enjoyed talking some with Lawi’s father about his family, work, and home during our waiting. After many months of not speaking or hearing Kurdish, I was very appreciative of his patience and kindness as I searched my brain for meaning and words. Lawi shyly peered around his phone as his father and I conversed and his quiet, content spirit was so sweet.
After a few days of headache and vomiting in hospital and then a quick visit back to the base over the weekend, we were hoping Lawi would have a cardiac MRI during his in-patient stay. However, the team at Sheba has decided a brain MRI, glaucoma specialist appointment, and an echocardiogram will be his new agenda. Lawi is certainly in need of prayers as his cardiac defect is quite complicated with a cascade of issues to be faced. Knowing all things are in His hands is the knowledge we will rely on as we lift up Lawi in prayer.