Feeling uncomfortable

Just shortly before doctors at Sheba Hospital wanted to extubate Niyan today, she woke up already and seemed really unhappy. She made it obvious that she didn’t like the tube in her throat and all the other tubes and needles – at all. After extubating, her the doctors directly gave her a special oxygen mask to help her breathing. It’s still difficult for her to breath on her own and the oxygen mask helps her to do that. Still she doesn’t like it at all and kept trying to remove it, even after tying her arms to the bed. I stayed with her and her father for a while after she was extubated. It was hard to see our happy girl like this, suffering in this uncomfortable situation. She is going through a very hard time and doesn’t feel comfortable at all with all the tubes.

Please pray for Niyan and her father. Thank God that she doesn’t need to be intubated anymore and that she is recovering slowly.