I’ll buy her everything

In her second day at Sheba hospital in the pediatric ICU, and on ECMO, doctors started Yano on a new medication to help her heart function; we will see if this helps her improve as there has not been improvement yet. Coworkers Jonathan and Michelle visited her today, and were able to translate this for Yano’s mother.

Later in the day, coworker Bria and I went with Yano’s mum to walk outside. We got coffee and smoothies and sat in the coffee shop. She asked if there were other children on the ECMO who lived afterwards. For me it was deeply meaningful to be able to say that yes, I know from experience of three Kurdish children who have lived after being weaned off of life support.

As we walked to the shopping area, she said that when Yano wakes up, she will buy her anything she wants from here: stuffed animals, toys, chips, whatever her girl wants, she will have.

The absence of Yano’s joyful and vibrant presence is palpable, and no one feels it more acutely than her mother. Please be praying as always for this beautiful girl to come back to us.