Fever postponing catheterization

Having stayed with Sohaib’s mother during his surgery a few weeks ago, I was grateful to be scheduled to stay with his mother for his catheterization procedure at Sheba Hospital today. Sohaib and his mother have had a difficult few days in the ICU after Sohaib’s oxygen plummeted while I was checking saturation levels of our kids staying with us in our Ashdod community home on Sunday night. Just the day before, Sohaib was running and smiling at another child’s birthday party, particularly enamored with a giant gold balloon. After seeing Sohaib and his mother in the hospital that night, I was eager to see them again.

Unfortunately, when arriving at the hospital today, we received news that Sohaib had a fever. We quickly went up the stairs to Sohaib’s room, and found his mother distraught. Due to his fever today, his catheterization had to be rescheduled. This procedure will help determine why Sohaib’s condition suddenly deteriorated. It will help see if pulmonary hypertension or a reopened septal defect is the cause of this trouble and will guide his treatment. Fervent prayer is needed for Sohaib and his mother.