Fighting for Zaed

Late last night we welcomed our newest arrival to Hadassah hospital: three-day-old little Zaed.

Doctors and nurses fought for the life of this little boy for hours on end yesterday, as there were many boundaries preventing him from coming in a timely manner. Even as he already had permission, there were struggles with getting him out of the hospital in Gaza and into the ambulance. Praise the Lord, finally at 10 pm last night, he safely arrived at Hadassah. The team at the hospital was gracious enough to give of their time to get him set up and stabilized in his room.

It seems that Zaed has a very complicated heart and possibly even problems in his lungs as well. The doctors are planning to do more tests in the coming days to get a full picture and understanding of which surgery would be best for this little boy. Please also pray for his family as they have another young one at home and the mother has just recently given birth and is now sitting in the hospital by her son’s side.

We are so thankful for the Lord fighting these battles for precious Zaed and we know He has wonderful plans in place for him. Please join with us in prayer for the doctors to have wisdom as they look at the best plan of care for Zaed.