Fighting Liquid in Her Chest

Beautiful Nyaz is in the midst of a one week fast, with three more days to go, to see if this effects the liquid in her chest. Over the weeks, different Israeli groups who visit children in the hospital have given her gifts, and now she has amassed quite the collection. A stuffed koala and a sparkly squishy ball filled with gel were among the toys that were strewn across her bed when she was awake. She keeps occupied in her hospital crib, and her mother, who had just recently clipped Nyaz’s bangs, was all smiles.

Georgia and I enjoyed sitting outside the secondary ICU with Nyaz’s mum, Wareen’s father and some guests; it’s always fun to hear English, Hebrew, Kurdish, and Arabic being spoken, sometimes all four languages in one sentence. When we left, Nyaz was half asleep, which must be some reprieve from the discomfort of fasting.

Please keep praying for Nyaz and her mum;  God has the wisdom and foresight of keeping her in hospital for so long, so even though we don’t know why the liquid isn’t clearing up, we trust that in His timing it will. Her mother is so admirable and so strong, please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to fill her with joy and peace. As Abraham waited on the promise of God, so let us wait on the Lord with Nyaz, not ceasing to praise him for her life and petition him for her future.