Final assessment

Today, Khalid and his father were ready on time to leave the Shevet home at 8.30 am to go to Sheba Medical Center for his first assessment. The father was extremely kind and helpful with translating, and being very caring for the family of Asmaa, the other child whom they traveled to Israel with this week.

Khalid has a variation of Tetralogy of Fallot, and has low oxygen saturations, which means that doing any physical activity is really tiring for him. The doctor was hopeful after seeing his echo, that they would be able to perform surgery for him to help these symptoms.

However, before being sure of the plan for surgery, the doctors need some more information which wasn’t possible to glean from the echo, as Khalid is an adult. He needs some further assessment of his pulmonary artery. It was decided that it’s best to get this information via catheterisation, as then also the doctors can check the pressure of his lungs. Thank God that there was a place available for Khalid to stay overnight in the hospital, and God willing have this procedure done tomorrow