Everything on this end is together for Abed to return home to Gaza. He has his new ventilator and all the things that were missing for it. He also has the milk he needs. Now we are just waiting for the information that the hospital in Gaza has a room for Abed.

We are very happy for Abed and his mother, as they can go home very soon, finally, after this long journey. Living in a hospital for such a long time, and waiting without seeing an end in sight, is very hard to do and can also be difficult on one’s mental health.

At last, Abed’s mother will be reunited with her husband and children. We wish her and Abed all the best and hope that Abed can adjust to the new ventilator very well.

Let’s pray for them and for the last piece to fall into place, that is, a room in the Gaza hospital, and the final go-ahead discharge from Sheba hospital.