So many times we had to tell Lalo’s dad that he has to wait longer and that he can’t go home yet. Two times Lalo was called for a cath, first they placed a stent on his right pulmonary artery, then in the left one. Today we brought Lalo and his dad again for an echo to the hospital, his dad filled with so much hope that after today they could finally return home.

Lalo was very brave for his ECG,

and echo today, barely crying, especially if I compare it with his first echo exactly two months ago. The first news that the doctor shared with us is that everything looks good so far but that he needs to talk to the doctor that has seen Lalo the last times cause only she can make the decision what’s next.

We waited outside and after an hour his doctor came again and shared with us the great news that Lalo can go home! I never saw his dad that happy as he was so excited to finally see his wife and other kids again. Lalo will need more caths in his future cause the stents in his pulmonary arteries need to be widened as he grows but no one knows if it will be one or four years until he needs the next cath.

For now Lalo is doing very well as we can all witness when we see him running around. Thank you Lord for this amazing news!