Arya and his mom were ready and eagerly waiting when I came over to get them this morning. Arya cheerfully agreed to letting me buckle him into his car seat, and chattered away the whole ride to the hospital.

As soon as we got to the cardiac clinic and Arya saw the toy cars, he couldn’t wait to climb into one.

He was more than a little disappointed when his name was called and he had to leave his car behind.

He was even more disappointed when one echo turned into three, as his cardiologist wanted to be especially sure he saw everything very well.

“Since we hope it’s the last time, we want to be extra sure,” the doctor explained. Arya is not a big fan of echoes and made sure the doctors had to work extra hard to get all the images, but some sedatives helped calm him down and he was grinning and patting the doctor on the knee by the end of the exam.

All the work and waiting were worth it in the end. Arya’s mother very hopefully asked the doctor in English, “Good? Kurdistan?” He nodded. “It’s very good, you can go to Kurdistan.”

This is such good news for Arya and his mom, who have been here for more than four months now. When his mom asked him if he was ready to go home to his dad and sisters, Arya grinned big and nodded. He was sure to inspect his medical reports himself before determining that we were, in fact, good to go, and promptly fell fast asleep in his carseat before we were even out of the hospital campus.

We’re so grateful for Arya’s surgery and recovery, and we’re looking forward to sending him off with a special farewell party tomorrow night.