Finally a Catheterization!

It finally happened!

After being called in many times without having a procedure, Khonav got her Cath today. Her mum was very happy about this even though she was scared at the same time. Hope for a better quality life for her daughter however, gave her strength.

As I entered the hospital room in which Khonav was recovering, I found a sleepy smiling, beautiful Khonav. Her smile widened as I approached her bed. Khonav‘s Mum hugged me and I could feel how relieved she was. After the Cath, Khonav’s oxygen saturation dropped, but the amazing hospital staff took care of it.

Khonav and her mum were filled with so much joy which spread to me! They received all the instructions of the staff with love and patience. Together they were able to understand and communicate – a beautiful duet.