Finally a surgery appointment

Today finally Ayham’s Echo took place. We drove to Hadassah Ein Kerem in the morning and after checking our little boy in, we had to wait for his doctor to start the Echo.

Unfortunately, as soon as it began, Ayham started crying very hard. We took a short break so he could fall asleep, but as soon as the doctor was starting with the Echo again, he woke up. After a few tries we just gave up and the doctor was doing his best to be done really fast. But still Ayham was going through a hard time. He seemed to be full of fear and was even throwing up some of the milk he drank before. As soon as the Echo was done and his mother took him to leave the room, he calmed down and fell asleep.

During waiting for the results, Ayham’s mother was calling her husband, who has a deep connection to his son. Even through the phone, he is able to make Ayham smile by only making funny sounds or pulling faces. It is wonderful to see this family being so close to each other.

Finally Ayham’s cardiologist came to us and said that Ayham is big and strong enough for his big switch surgery. It will take place on Sunday and we should come tomorrow for some last tests. After receiving such good news, we went back home by bus and spent the afternoon together, drinking coffee and eating cake. Ayham’s mother told me that she is afraid of the surgery, as every mother would be. Please pray for her, that she will find trust in the Lord. Let’s also pray for Ayham, that he will be brave tomorrow and strong on Sunday. May the Lord keep him safe during this next huge step for him.