Finally admitted!

It’s finally the day of Rovar’s second surgery admission.

To be honest this was the most (emotionally) exhausting admission ever. The wrong appointment letter of a so called “Madeleine” caused a lot of trouble.
For more than two hours I was just running up and down, secretaries sent me from one place to another. But no one could give me the stickers that are necessary for the admission. They couldn’t find the appointment in their computer. I was basically praying all the time. Knowing that God already knows what will happen and in the end everything will work out somehow.

Anyway Rovar’s mum got quite upset.  I can’t even tell how relieved I was when I finally held the stickers in my hands. To see one of the nurses putting the ID tack around Rovar’s wrist felt like a victory after a long battle.

It must’ve felt a bit like coming home for them as everyone on the second floor was really welcoming.

Rovar’s mum was so excited when she told me that they are in the exact same room as they were last time before surgery. The first thing Rovar and I did in the room was have a little pillow fight. Of course Rovar was incredibly upset when they shortly after did a blood draw. But because of his amazing mum, he calmed down very quickly again so that I felt confident leaving them. Please pray for Rovar’s surgery tomorrow and that he will recover from it as quick as he did from the first one.