Finally Back at Shevet

I received the happy phone call from Ana’s mum this afternoon, to say that Ana had been discharged. This is really lovely news, as I remember last year after her heart surgery, Ana had to stay in the hospital for some months. So I was happy that this time, everything seems to be going straightforward.

Ana was looking very beautiful, her lovely brown hair is long enough to start getting curly on the top, and is a beautiful colour with almost a tinge of red to it. She smiled and clapped when Sonia and I went into her room. She loved looking at her reflection in the mirror and copied some of the sounds and mouth shapes I made to her. She was really attentive and happy, and I am looking forward to be able to give her a little bit of speech therapy!

Ana’s mum was also looking extremely beautiful, and after she welcomed us into the room, she sweetly told us that she had rather a lot of bags….. Of course, true to form, she had gathered a large collection of cakes and treats from the hospital to bring home for the other children at Shevet! She is always so generous and thinking of ways she can go out of her way to be kind to others.

As we drove home, we happily remembered Ana’s first time in Israel and some of the other babies and mums. It was lovely and felt like family. It is sweet to be together again.

Please keep Ana and her devoted mum in your prayers. She will be going back to see the surgeon in the next few weeks to check the outcome of the surgery.