Finally back home at Shevet Base

Seeing Marya’s beautiful face after a long morning was like eating Ice cream on a hot summer day – sweet and refreshing. Marya is such an incredibly smart and sweet girl. She knows exactly what she wants. Today she wanted to leave the hospital. We didn’t know then that it would take us hours to finally come home.In the time of waiting for results and the discharge letter there was a lot to see and to do, but especially to eat for our strong girl. She knew exactly what she wanted to eat and when it was time to have dessert.

Her father was very kind and also very proud of Marya. He told me, “I‘m the patient and Marya is the cutest doctor I ever had!” What I really love about her dad is how much he cares for Marya, and how hard he tries to communicate with us. Many times he asked me about the results of her echo, and after hours of waiting, I was able to let him know that her echo is so far good and that we could go now. His face lit up and after a few more questions – of course all about how he could care for his daughter in the best way – we were ready to leave.

Marya has an appointment in one week to see how she is doing. Also she will need another cath before she can go back to Kurdistan. But I‘m so glad to have her home at the Shevet base again. Please keep her and her father in your prayers as her journey isn’t over yet and her body needs healing. Also my prayer for her dad is to get to know Jesus’ heart more and more. In the way he is praying, I can see his faith. I just pray that his heart is growing closer to Jesus.