Finally back in Ashdod

Today was a great day for Lewan as she was discharged from Sheba Hospital and was able to come back with us to our community home in Ashdod.  She didn’t like staying in hospital and wanted eagerly to come back.

She was still really tired and looked weak, but she tried her best as she still had another x-ray to complete before departing. After checking her temperature again, the nurse could told us Lewan was ready to go. Lewan will have to return to Sheba next Sunday for a follow-up appointment. When we arrived at home, it didn’t take long until she was together with the other children again.

Please continue praying for Lewan’s full recovery and also for the appointments she still has before she can go home to her family. You can also pray for Lewan’s mother, as both of them want to go home to Kurdistan soon.