Finally back in Jaffa

Exactly one week ago, I went to the ER together with Asmaa and her grandmother. Yesterday, she had her catheterization and today we heard the good news that Asmaa is being discharged already. Praise be to God who has been with her through all this time. After the cath, the doctors decided to perform a surgery for Asmaa and they are now deciding which date would be the best for it.

I was so happy to finally see Asmaa again and her lovely smile. It was always very difficult for me to make Asmaa smile, but now it is getting so much better. I showed her some pictures from our trip to the beach and gave her a little gift which she loved to play with. Asmaa allowed me to gently hold her and to sing together with her. Every time I started singing head and shoulders, she started smiling and so did grandma. I told her that I was there to bring them back home to Jaffa, so she grinned a lot and couldn’t wait to leave.

On our way back to Jaffa, Grandma was so, so happy. She took a lot of pictures of everything, which is very sweet because she just got a phone and has now learned how to use her camera.

Asmaa was very tired and fell asleep but was wide awake as soon as the car stopped. Finally home – a place to rest and to get new energy before the next big step of surgery. In two weeks, she will have a follow up appointment and maybe by then will already have a date for the surgery. Please pray with me that this will become true so Grandma can rest and Asmaa can enjoy her time before surgery. Also pray for wisdom for the doctors who decided on what (and when) to help Asmaa. We keep on trusting God, that He will guide us – and them – in this time.