Finally back to Gaza; second try

Today, coworker Celina and I drove with cute little Fayez and his mother very early in the morning from our home in Ashdod to the Sheba Medical Center.

We had a second try for his blood test and this time he didn’t get his medicine before.

When they entered the room for the bloodtest, Fayez immediately started crying, screaming and shaking his whole body. He really hates needles, but the nurse was really nice and patient.

The blood was very thick and so they saved drop by drop; this took a little bit.

After that, we drove back to Ashdod again. Two hours later, we got the blood test result and because it was good, Fayez was finally discharged to Gaza.

Fayez is a really cute boy. I love how he is smiles. We had a lot of fun together during their waiting time in Ashdod. Please pray for little Fayez and his lovely mother and for blessings over them.