Finally discharged

Today was the day Mohammed could finally get discharged from his brief stay at Hadassah Hospital. When I visited him and his mother, they were currently having their lunch and invited me to join them. It was some wonderful quality time. I really enjoyed sharing in their joy about the discharge.

Mohammed’s nurse was very lovely and took very good care of him and his mother, making sure that everything was clear and understood by them. Mohammed’s mother was a little worried about a small bald spot on his head, but the nurse reassured her that it was caused by being in the bed of the ICU and that it will grow again. After everything was clear and Mohammeds IV-canal was removed, we were ready to go. After a 40 minutes bus drive, Mohammed was very tired and immediately fell asleep, very understandable. He has had a very long day! Now he can rest for one more week until he has his next Echo appointment to check if everything is fine.

Please pray for Mohammed and his mother, that they can both get some rest and maybe already go back home to Kurdistan if his Echo results are good. Let’s thank the Lord, our God, for they are now able to stay with us!