Finally discharged

Today our little Dahen got discharged from Hadassah Medical Center! Though he only stayed for six days in the hospital, he was tired of it and as soon as we came home he was sporting a big smile on his face!

But before that, his day has been very long: he had an X-Ray, an Echo, and at both appointments he wasn’t happy at all. Also when we woke him for checking his vitals, he cried all the time. And then we had to wait for hours. The doctors needed a lot of time to decide how to treat him properly now and when his next appointment should take place and they had to write his report. Until all of those things were done and we got all the needed information, we played a lot together.

We were walking through Hadassah’s hallways and had a small afternoon snack.

Finally we got the report and asked our last questions, so at 6PM we could leave the hospital and took the bus to the guesthouse. Dahen enjoyed it in the beginning and was pointing outside whenever he saw something interesting, but because it was a 45 minute bus ride, he got tired after some time and was happy when we left it again.

When we came home to our guesthouse, Dahan’s mother was organizing their stuff and Dahen immediately started playing. His face was full of joy! After those hard days in the hospital it was good to see him like that. In two weeks his next Echo will take place so the doctors can see if he is ready to go home to Kurdistan. Praise the Lord Dahen could finally leave the hospital. He is such a caring and loving God, he is worthy of all praise!