Finally discharged

Today was a big day for cute little Anas and his lovely grandmother. He was finally discharged after nearly seven weeks at Sheba Medical Center after his urgent heart surgery.

In the middle of March he came to us as an emergency newborn. He didn’t look well at all. His eyes were really swollen and his tiny body was motionless in his big hospital bed. I can remember the moment he opened his eyes for the first time after his surgery, even only for a really short time, it was very special!

It was really nice to be a part of his journey and also to see how he improved step by step. He is looking now so much better and he likes to discover everything with his big eyes; he is now so lively. His smile is also very adorable to see.

In less then one month he has to return to Sheba for a gastro appointment. He is receiving baby calorie and some medicine, but he is doing well!

His grandmother was very happy to go now back to Gaza to her family and also Anas is finally reunited and back in the arms of his parents. We are very happy for them and look forward to seeing them again.

After everything was done, we brought them back to Gaza. Anas’s grandmother continually asked how much longer we needed in the car, because she couldn’t wait anymore to see her family again. Please pray for this precious boy, his family, and that everything goes well for them.