Finally discharged

Today was a big day for little Ahmed as he was finally discharged from Sheba Hospital! When we entered his room this noon, his mother was so looking forward to getting back to our community home in Ashdod. Before leaving the hospital, the doctors had to remove the last connected wires and wait for a short while to make sure that Ahmed was well.

While waiting, we played and danced a bit with him and got his mom some fries. Finally the doctors said that everything is okay and we packed all their things together to leave.

We were all so happy and shared the joy of Ahmed’s mother when we stepped outside to get in the Shevet van. We‘re so glad there was barely any traffic while driving home to Ashdod so we got there in no time and could celebrate the happy reunion with the other families.

It was such a great day and we thank the Lord so much for that. We trust him that he will keep Ahmed safe and take care of his recovery!