Finally getting discharged

After staying in Sheba Hospital to gain weight and get her PEG tube repaired, Maryam was being discharged today. Her grandmother was really happy to finally return home after being away from her family for a while and she proudly showed us how well Maryam is doing. In their recent stay here, Maryam celebrated her first birthday and gained enough weight to go home.

Maryam wasn’t breathing well in the past, so a machine was procured to support her breathing in the night. After some explaining to Maryam’s grandmother as to how the breathing device works, the doctors gave confirmation that Maryam can return home to her family. In the afternoon, we brought cute Maryam to Erez Crossing where we had to say goodbye to her and her grandmother.

Thank God Maryam is finally well enough to go home. We are so thankful for the doctors who did such an amazing job caring for her and for the work they do for the children every day.